“This is Clean Privilege” showcases examples of clean privilege in order to illustrate the systemic filthphobia and filth discrimination inherit in our society. Its purpose is to show that those who bathe and clean themselves are living life on ‘easy mode’ compared to those who do not. The nature of privilege is that it is invisible to those who have it - by listing examples on this blog, we hope to raise awareness of clean privilege to those who have it and change society for the better.

It aims to expose the culturally constructed definitions of beauty constructed by our culture, mainly the notion that clean = attractive and unclean = unattractive. These standards have no basis in biology and are the invention of the media and billion dollar hygiene corporations who profit from attacking the self-esteem of those unable to meet their impossible and ridiculous standards. Ever felt oppressed because you were mocked for skipping showering that week? Ever endured nasty and hurtful comments based on your body odor or the texture or appearance of your hair and skin? You don’t need to. The only thing you deserve is respect. 

Angry? Feel cheated and lied to? You should. Join the fight.

This is clean privilege.

Did I ever mention this is my favorite blog btw